Rajan Legal has over fifty years of collective experience in representing our clients in the municipal courts throughout the State of New Jersey. Clients facing criminal prosecution are often confused and scared because the outcome can alter a person’s entire life including loss of liberty including jail time, loss of employment, deportation as well as the stress and impact it can have on their family, spouse and children. Our firm has handled assault, drug offenses and other crimes. Our experience has enabled us to achieve excellent results for our clients.

Whether it be for a traffic ticket, drunk driving, weapons offenses, drug related offenses, shoplifting, assault cases or for any other action, our experience of the municipal court system has helped us save our clients from criminal records, jail time, exorbitant fines or points on their license.

We work with prosecutors to negotiate successful plea agreements, dismissals or alternate resolutions such as pre-trial intervention. However, in matters where settlement is not possible or feasible, our firm is experienced in trying cases before the bench or a jury to obtain the best verdict possible.

We also assist clients in obtaining an expungement of their criminal records so that the record is permanently sealed and removed from the client’s criminal history.

Our vast experience in immigration law also assists us in representing immigrants and non-immigrants in criminal cases with emphasis on preserving their immigration rights and status.